Guild of Helina

Keely Log 1

Being resurrected from the dead, takes it tole on a persons mental state. Keely with the permission of the group, decides to make a journey home. She plans to spend some time with her sisters to mourn Effy, get herself together and then rejoin the group because of her immense debt she owes them for bringing her back from death itself. She sets out and makes it back to the temple. Keely acknowledges that Gozreh is watching over her and that she was brought back for a reason and not merely because the group had enough money to pay for a Resurrection.

A proper funeral couldn’t be held because there was no body for them to burn at sea, but there was Effy’s belongings that would suit the ceremony just fine. A few possessions were saved. Effy’s journal. The journal chronicles her journey journey for the past 2 years with the Guild of Helena. There is information about all who are in the party except for recent members, Razeal, Caanen, Pilar and Fargo. Another item that survived the explosion was the dragon tooth that Effy wore around her neck. Keely held onto that. After the ceremonies and the mourning of Effy. The sisters try to move on with their lives at the temple.


Keely finds out that since she’s been gone, Sireen has become an elder in the Temple, at age 32, she’s become the youngest elder at the temple. Among the 3 other elders. Mars, Nessa and Silvia, who were respectfully in their 50s and 60s. There had been some controversies among the council members of the temple in electing Sireen to become an Elder, but she had shown that she’s is both physically, mentally and spiritually ready to take on the title and lead a new generation of monks in their respective areas of practice to live a life of peace and harmony among their sisters and the surrounding village and with nature.

Since Keely’s been gone, a group of Dire Bears have moved into the surrounding territories. A few have wandered to the temple. However, the Dire Bears were met with kindness and the monks quickly domesticated the Dire Bears. There are several Dire Bears that wander the temple grounds now and guard the temple from intruders. Their domestication isn’t without incident however, these bears are still quick to anger and unpredictable to outsiders. But they are kind to the monks at the temple.

The pirate related attacks on the temple and the surrounding villages have become more frequent. The monks have been out in full force defending the surround towns and villages lately. Keely acknowledges she’s needed here, but knows her debt needs to be paid. She also remembers what the old dwarf with the pipe said to her. That a powerful sorcerer would be coming from the seas with a large fleet, and they would wash away everything in their path. This was to happen only in a a half a years time. Keely warned the elders at her temple and the elders were confused. Did they not make a deal with Captain Rollen that if the temple took in Sireen and his daughters that they would protect the temple and the surrounding towns from pirate attacks. It seems as if this deal was broken.

Mars, Silva and Nessa knew of this deal and were the ones who actually struck the deal with Sireen and Kain 30 some years ago. They don’t want this information to be known to the rest of the temple because they don’t want to lose their political influence or be questioned about why they were striking deals with pirates or have to potentially step down. They conspire against Sireen to strip her of her title and power so that she might not get close to finding out the truth.

Meanwhile. Keel’s sisters and the rest of the monks prepare for a battle against an enemy they don’t know. And they send word to the surrounding villages/ towns and neighboring kingdoms for help in the battle in a half a years time, enough time to gather a navy and army. Will their plea for help be answered. Surely when the Sorcerer comes, he will be caught off guard and perish, or he will destroy everything in his wake. The monks in the temple go out into the surrounding towns and help them prepare for a battle. Many civilians flea for higher lands, some stay to defend their homes and some stay because they think the a vision from a pipe smoking dwarf is silly. Who is he and why should they care. Altogether there are 143 monks uncluding the sisters, from the temple. and with the 2 neighboring towns had a respectful 200 people whom stayed. They comprised of abled bodied men, woman, and even some elderly and children. 343 altogether prepare for the encroaching darkness.

Amongst the preparations, a crazy blind man named Fang, wanders into the Village of Sonston.

Keely decides that they could use the help of the guild and ventures off again to go repay her debts and persuade them to come to the aid of her temple. Besides, the booty from all the pirate ships, surely will be plenty payment if they win.


Well done Danny this has some great contents to work with :D

Keely Log 1

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