Guild of Helina

Razael Log 1

Once I heard from a wise man that it is very hard for evil to take hold of the unconsenting soul.

Whoever fights evil should be wary that in such process he does not become evil itself… but why not stare into hell itself when but a glance of it grants so much? Is it that by describing me as a “failed experiment,” that wizard was tapping more into his fear than into his common sense? Whatever the reason, I shall research this project x and that last stone that Fargo’s grandfather mentioned. I shall not be hiding within shadows nor shall I attack at a distance. I will find a way to make myself invulnerable to the council’s claws not by magic but through knowledge and politics. I will rise the ranks of the council until there is no one left but Malk. It is then that and I shall curb Malk not through politics… but through suffering and through the ripping of his soul. It is in this way that I will get my long due revenge. I now have two powerful allies to help me in such endeavor… Mephisto, the pit fiend, a prince of darkness and a duke of hell itself. He will become a key political role in my rise to power. I’ve yet to see the strengths of my second ally – he who walks behind Belock-. I’ll start communicating with him more to see his true power and intentions…

Blackstaff was weak. He was just but one step before gaining true power. It is the folly of putting one’s needs before the others’ that became his undoing. I won’t make this same mistake. Tapping into his book, and thus, his mind, will get me the necessary knowledge that I need in order to become a TRUE NECROMANCER.

So was my father right? Is it hard for evil to take hold of the unconsenting soul? Yes, he was right, but why be unconsenting? Why not embrace evil and the power that comes with it? I will make evil my ally and the pools of souls that I rip my playgrounds, and I shall not rest until death itself bows before me…

In the meantime, I shall research project x, the last stone, and what the number 13 means in the hourglass symbol. Detect scrying might prove useful to mislead my comrades regarding Keelly’s death… just to be safe, I’ll also clean the magic weave of any traces of that sacrifice, in both my and Keelly’s location when it happened.

- Excerpt from Razael’s Journal dated Tarsakh 7, 1372 DR


nice :D

Razael Log 1

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