Guild of Helina

Sangrai's Log 1

Chapter 2
These events happen thirty days before the start of the new campaign

1. Visit to Lady Maas

“Oh, aren’t you from Guild of Helena? Welcome, son.” The cheerfulness of Lady Maas’ voice only makes Sangrai nervous. She invites him inside and keeps talking on their way to her office room.

“Did you have dinner yet?” They climbs up the stairs. “We can have tea instead. How about chamomile and some lemon cake? What’s your name again? Sangrai, what is your first name, boy?”

Sangrai only answers in polite, but short sentences.

Under the dim light of the room, Sangrai can see Lady Maas’ eyes becoming glassy. They are sitting in her office. Paintings of cats and heavy drapery filled the walls. Half eaten lemon cake and empty cups of tea are sitting on top of a disorganized table. Sangrai clears his throat and waits as she compose herself. There’s no sound in the room, excepts for the wind outside.

He just told her about the mission; how Blackstaff was controlled by an organization called Black Hats, that two of his comrades perished, and how they freed Blackstaff’s soul.

“Lady Maas, the last thing he mentioned was you.” Sangrai says. He gets up from his seat, slightly irritated because his clothes is now covered in cat’s fur. Sangrai pulls out the wedding band from his bag of holdings and places it in Lady Maas’ hand. “Our guild didn’t manage to bring him back. But perhaps, you want to keep this. I’m sure you can recognize this item. It’s-”

“-our wedding band.” Lady Maas finishes his sentence. She clutches it and starts crying as Sangrai stands there awkwardly. He pities her and hands her a handkerchief. “I wish I could see him one more time…just to say goodbye.” Lady Maas sobs.

Sangrai’s attempt at comforting Lady Maas is to sigh and rolls his eyes; and then he places a stiff hand on her shoulder. “I’m very sorry for your lost.” he says, partly out of courtesy. She bursts out in tears and cries harder; Sangrai quickly let go off his hand.

It is an ugly cry and Sangrai just stares at the floor, trying to zone out and pretend he’s somewhere else. After minutes, she finally stops and looks up to him. “Thank you.” She whispers.

He is somehow surprised by her words, but quickly sits back. “-We charged you sixty thousand gold for this mission, but we failed to bring him back. How much you want to pay us, I leave it up to you.”

“I understand.” She smiles weakly at him and hands him his handkerchief back.

“Keep it.” Sangrai says. He can see fluids dripping from it. “Please.”

Sangrai steps outside Lady Maas’ house; his guild is now fifteen thousand gold richer.


2. The Gnome

Sangrai finds out that the gnome is actually his brother, Aluka. Aluka is an insane vampire who wants to kill him. And now Sangrai have to deal with him.



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