Aldrea Pelthas

Half-Elf Ranger


Like many Half-Elves growing up, it was difficult for Aldrea to feel true acceptance within Human or Elven society. The time she felt most at peace with herself was out in the wilderness, where she could explore the land while honing her hunting and tracking skills. With every scouting mission, she would drift further and further into the unknown wilds as if compelled by some unseen force. Eventually, Aldrea gave in to her wanderlust and set out into the world in search of her calling.

Aldrea is often mistaken for a loner because she wanders, but she actually enjoys good company and a good drink. Although she swears no loyalty to any particular ruler or deity, she does her best to be respectful of the laws within whatever realm her travels lead her. She will sometimes take jobs working for the local guard, or as a guide for merchants and travelers. While a soft bed at a cozy inne are a welcome respite after a long journey, Aldrea rarely lingers in a town for long before setting out on her next venture.

Aldrea stands at 5’11", with dark auburn hair and amber eyes. She wears lightweight, but durable leather armor beneath her traveling cloak, with a bow and quiver strapped to her back.


Aldrea Pelthas

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