Effy Rollen

Playful, mischievous, youngest sister of the 6 Rollen Sisters from the Temple of the Steel Current



Race: Human
Age: 16 (Deceased)


Effy was raised in the Temple of the Steel Current on a coastal line. (much like the northern coastline in Ireland. The temple itself sort of look like the Cambodian temple in Angkor Wat.) She has 5 sisters Sireen, Helia, Maggy, Zia and Keely. The temple is mostly made of woman monks. All forms of martial arts, and recently other practices in the arcane are practiced there. Effy naturally leaned toward unarmed combat. She hits hard and that’s the way she likes it.
As a child, Effy thought Sireen was her mother because of the way she cared for her and her other sisters. Effy took comfort in that but was extremely saddened when she finally accepted that Sireen was her sister and that her mother and father were no where to be found. Life at the temple was never dull, so as sad as she was, she kept busy with her training, lessons and chores.

The temple specializes in sea exports. They live next to the ocean and are expert fisherman. That’s how they make most of their earnings and trade with surrounding villages and travelers. However, living next to the ocean has it’s downfalls. Their main problem are pirates. Often attempts by pirates to raid and pillage from surrounding villages and the temple have called the monks at the temple to arms in being the defenders of that area.

Effy has seen a few battles with pirates even in her young age. One which is most memorable came in the form of a pirate who rode on a Sea Dragon, a fierce creature, blue scales and white hair. Instead of fire, the dragon reigned down ice from its mouth freezing everything in its path. The monks efforts in fighting off these pirates, the rider and his dragon resulted in a lot of casualties. However, because of the heroics of the temple’s monks and Effy’s sisters in battle, they were defeated. Because of Effy’s efforts in the battle she’s the one who took down the rider and the great beast in the end.

When the battle was most thickest and it seemed like nothing could stop the dragon from reigning terror from above. Effy waited at the highest point of the temple near a window. She waited for the right moment that the rider and the dragon flew by to leap out of the window and jump onto the dragon, almost falling off in the process. She gained her footing and sneaked up behind the rider and knocked him out cold. She then proceeded to steer the dragon into the ground, while gracefully tumbling off of it using her years of training to land with minor injury.

Her sisters quickly killed the dragon and imprisoned the rider and his followers. Effy took the smallest tooth in the dragons mouth as a trophy. She worn it around her neck since. The rider later escaped and was never tried for his crimes. Everyone heard of Effy’s triumphant blow in the battle and praised her for her heroics. She became famous amongst the surrounding villages. This made Effy become prideful and arrogant.

Effy has always wondered what was outside of her immediate surroundings. She’s never been further than a few miles from her temple. She loved her life there, it was all she’s known however she couldn’t help but feel like something was missing. Mostly she wondered who her parents were. whether they were alive or dead. Her sisters didn’t seem to know either. Only the elders of the temple knew. But they wouldn’t tell her and her sisters anything.

Sireen Fril and Captain Kain Rollen*************************************
Sireen Fril has served in the Temple of the Steel Current her entire life. But she’s always wanted to see more of the ocean.

Sure she’s made a vow and wants to keep her promises, but something inside her wants to be set free into the vastness of the sea. Often Pirates attempt to raid her temple and surrounding villages and while she fought these intruders, she often dreamed about what it would be like to be one of them. To sail the great blue and do as she pleases. This desire grew so much in her that she finally decided she would beg to go with the next group of pirates who tried to raid their coastal line.

Cpt. Kain Rollen and his crew were the answer to Sireen’s aspirations. All of Cpt. Kain Rollen’s crew loved him and would gladly lay their lives down for him. He was loyal and fierce but at the same time charming. He’d even been able to persuade some of his captives from villages he’s raided to join his crew. That’s how persuasive he can be. However, he is still a pirate will kill and steal as he pleases. On one of his raids, they were going to raid this new temple they had spotted along the coastal line. His crew knew what to do and were good at it, however they didn’t expect the fight they were in for. Monks all trained in all manners of martial arts greeted them with spears, swords, knives, ninja stars and everything else under the sun. Sure a couple of them were taken down by guns but Cpt. Rollen’s crew were severely beaten and had to retreat.

Ultimately they laughed it off a few days later seeing how they were all beat by a temple of woman. However there was a stole-away and she was soon found out. Kain Rollen found Sireen hiding in his quarters a few nights later. Caught off gaurd, Kain engaged her into a fight but lost. Sireen is a expert martial artist. She said to him, she didn’t want any trouble but only that she wanted to join his crew and become a pirate herself. To sail the oceans and to live freely. How could he turn down such a offer. He gained a new crew member with the most amazing martial arts skills he had ever seen. the raidon that temple had not been a lost. 

The 2 fell in love. They’re raids and sea battles were legendary. However, she was pregnant with their first born. Kain and Sireen had to make a choice. Whether to give up their life in the high seas and settle down or to give up this baby and continue their love for the open waters… With selfish hearts they decided that they wanted to continue their lifestyle. But who would take care of their child. Surely a pirates life is no way to raise a child.

Sireen knew the Temple of the Steel Current would take her baby just as long as she promised no more attacks in that region. So she and Kain promised and that they would spread the word to all they knew not to harm that coastal line. Before they left. They named their first daughter Sireen, after her mother. Oddly enough, Sireen ended up having 6 daughters. All of which she gave to the temple who took them in.

Sireen and Kain made lots of enemies during their adventures. One of them was a powerful Sorcerer named Sullivan Raz. They’ve encountered him and his pirates a few times and have lost. Finally in their last battle Sullivan cast a powerful spell on them that made Sireen and Kain his servants. Basically brainwashed them to serve him. In fact, Sullivan is so powerful his entire fleet is under his control.
Cpt Kain Rollen now commanded a sea Dragon. And Sireen is become a concubine to Sullivan.

There is a right of passage in her temple where the elders allow the monks at a young age to go out into the world and experience life outside of the temple. When they have had enough of that world, they can return and be rewarded with knowledge and power that only the elders of temple knew and serve the rest of their days in peace and harmony with the sea and the surrounding villages. The rumors amongst the young monks say that this knowledge and power can decimate battlefields and crumble mountains. But none of the younger monks have seen the elders or the older monks in the temple use it. With this promise, still each monk’s journey is different. While some monks return in a matter of weeks. Some take years. And some do not return at all.

All of Effy’s sisters have gone into the world. Sireen left for the shortest time. She’s always loved her life at the temple and taking care of her sisters. She couldn’t stay away for too long because she knew her sisters needed her. Helia the artist of the group left for 3 years seeing where her artistic skills could take her. She came back broke and with a broken heart from a boy she had met along her journey. Maggy, the shy sister left came back after 2 years. After her journey, she was no longer shy and was completely confident in her skills and who she was. Zia( Druid: Wolf Shamen) was the brightest of them all and came back in 3 years. However, Zia came back because no one else would take her. Her journey has led her down a path of drug abuse and she had become a addict. She had to go through detox and vowed never to leave the temple grounds again. All her sisters were pretty but Keely was the most beautiful of her sisters. Keely has yet to come back.

With Effy’s growing pride, the elders saw that it was time for Effy to go out into the world. They hoped that her journey would humble her. Her sisters wished her luck and hoped to see her again. Effy hoped that she would run into Keely on her journeys, however the world is a huge place and that would be unlikely. She’d also hope that maybe, just maybe she’d find out something about her parents. Surely there was someone who knows something about the 6 sisters from the Temple of the Steel Current…
Effy shortly after joined a group of misfits and formed the Guild of Helena. She loved each and everyone in the group. They got into many adventures during the time she spent with them. Sadly, she lost her life on a mission.

Effy Rollen

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