Did anyone say beer?


Height: 5’1"
Weight: 180 lbs
Age: 131-years-old
Eyes: Brown (Golden on occassion)
Languages: All.


Baldana (Mother) – Deceased.
Gravelle (Father) – Deceased.
Ragnar (Grandfather) – Unknown.
Rholin (Older Half-Brother)- Unknown

Coming from a family of warrior and paladins, Fargo quickly became the runt of the group. Being the tallest out of his clan (5’1"), he was viewed as being the greatest warrior of them all. However, he lacked the necessary skills to be a skilled fighter and quickly became an outcast of the group. Even though his father (Gravelle) was head of the clan, he was still seen as a failure to everyone. His grandfather (Ragnar) on the other hand, saw more in Fargo than everyone else. He took on the responsibility of caring for Fargo when Gravelle would be too busy with “more important” things. A battle had begun a few miles away between Orc and an allied Dwarven village. Gravelle grabbed all he could to aid his allies, including Fargo, and prepared for battle. After fighting for three long days, Gravelle and his clan returned home to celebrate their victory. On their way back to the village, Ragnar has the clan hold position. “Smoke is in the distance. You may want your men to prepare for battle lad.” Gravelle stares into Ragnar’s eye, smiles, and turns to his men. “These bastard Orc think they can attack OUR village while our backs are turned?! Do they think our axes had enough of Orc blood?! DO THEY NOT REALIZE OUR AXES NEVER STOP THIRSTING FOR BLOOD?!” The group screams in excitement. Approaching their village, they begin to hear the screams and cries of their people. The group, once eager and excited change to disgust and anger. “They attack our women and children while we are away, cowards.” Gravelle says under his breathe. “Rohlin, protect your Grandfather and brother.” A brown-bearded Dwarf, nods silently and stands next to the two. “Let us show them how we treat uninvited guests!” They charge towards their village, their vision slightly reduced due to the smoke. They begin to fight their way into their home, giving their guests a warm welcome. “How could such a small group do all this…You cowardly fucks.” Gravelle spits blood on one of his victims. He turns to see Ragnar slitting the throat of one of the orcs in the distance. Ragnar smiles, “I haven’t had this much fun in days. It reminds me of the-…” Ragnar quickly grabs a shield from the ground and throws it at Fargo. Right as he catches it, an arrow pierces the shield. “AMBUSH!!!” Orcs begin to appear from the forest, charging the unexpecting Dwarves. Gravelle orders everyone to huddle together in phalanx formation. Most of the men are caught off guard and only a small number make the huddle. Everything falls silent. Right as Ragnar recommends everyone to retreat, an explosion goes off behind them. Remaining warriors try to get up to defend themselves but soon realize there aren’t any legs to hold them up. Their attackers leave them to die, only a handful of the clan remain. Ragnar walks up next to Fargo, helping


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