Keely Rollen

Gorgeously Beautiful, Kind Hearted, Humble, Brutal "Beast of The Steel Current"



Race: Human
AC: 18
HP: 82
Weapons: Earth Breaker, Dagger

Standing at 5’10, Keely is strong in her amazonian physic. She’s also gorgeous. Many men fight for her heart, but are often turned off and terrified at her immense strength. She has The Temple of the Steel Current’s tattoo on her upper left arm like her sisters and the other members of the Temple.


Keely is the 5th sister of 6. However. When she was young, she was always singled out as the most beautiful of her siblings. There was jealousy at times but mostly the sisters loved each other. They were monks of the Temple of the Steel Current, a life of abstinence was what they had to look forward to. No boys to impress and no worries of impressing a man with their looks. She was taught that the world outside of the temple was very shallow and that when she was older and it was time for her to go out into the world, people would treat her favorably because of her looks.
The elders taught her to be humble and to never use her looks to get her way when she left for her journey. So Keely at a young age decided to train hard to build up her strength so that when she embarked on her journey, people would not simply judge her on her looks but by what she could offer in strength. She trained her body to withstand extreme heats and to take pain. Keely became one of the strongest monks at the temple. Able to enter into a state of mind that aloud her to call on amazing strength from within. Some monks at the temple feared her strength because of the ferocity of how it looked from the outside, but Keely was in total control. She’s always been and will be a humble spirit despite beauty and immense power.

In a nearby village, Sonston Village, there was a orphan boy named Leo. He often sneaked away to the temple to watch the monks train. He’d try to emulate the moves the best he could, but he lacked discipline. He wasn’t careful one day and Keely saw him hiding and spying through a crack in the wall. Keely confronted him and the 2 became quickly became friends. Keely was 9 and Leo was was 10 when they first met. Through the next few years, they’d often escape their lives and spend time together joking around and gossiping about the people in their lives. They grew to enjoy each others company a lot. As friends and as young crushes. 

During this time, Leo had seen the village’s mercenary group called The Sons of Will fire come in and out of town. They always seemed to have money and woman around them. In a place with so little role models such as Sonston, he dreamed of becoming one of them one day so he could get of the god forsaken village. As a teenager he hung around them more often and they decided to take him on their jobs. Keely would look forward to him returning and to tell her about the world beyond their village… But sadly his visits became less and less until he didn’t come visit at all. In fact, the mercenaries haven’t been seen since they’re last mission and no one knows their whereabouts. Keely made it her mission to find out what happened to him when she headed out on her journey.

Keely was most closest to Effy evem though there was a 4 year difference in their age. Keely like the rest of her sisters often wondred who their parents were. Every few years the elders, Mars, Nessa and Silva would come to the sisters with a baby and say that they had a new sister. They questioned the elders who theyre parents were often, but they kept their mouths closed and told them that they would find out in due time. Keely much like her older sisters became resentful of their parents, whomever they were. Leaving them in the arms of strangers at a life of a mostly solitude. They grew to not care much for their parents and looked to their oldest sisters Sireen and the elders as the ones who, really took care of them.

However the itch was still there to find out who they are and why they left them there. A goal that Keelys older sisters would have saught after when they were in the world. Sireen, Maggy, Helia and Zia couldn’t find out any information while they were away, but perhaps Keely will and if she didn’t there was always Effy when she was ready.

Keely said goodbye to her sisters and left for her journey. Along the way she’s traveled in a caravan where she met plenty of interesting people. Because she grew up next to the ocean, she was skilled at fishing. This was her trade with othes. Seafood for other goods and money. During this time she picked up how to play the Cittern from a musician named Gillian Van Luther. (a previous character of mine who was a bard.)

Keely is content in her journey, seeing the world and learning new things has made her happy. Although many men chase after her affection, they often have second thoughts when they realize her great strength. That’s good for Keel because the only boy she has a heart for is Leo whom she hasn’t seen in years, but is hoping to find some day. 

Shortly after joining her late sister’s guild, Keely herself also lost her life to what seemed like a demon. But the guild paid for her Resurrection.

Being resurrected from the dead, takes it tole on a persons mental state. Keely with the permission of the group, decides to make a journey home. She plans to spend some time with her sisters to mourn Effy,  get herself together and then rejoin the group because of her immense debt she owes them for bringing her back from death itself. She sets out and makes it back to the temple. Keely acknowledges that Gozreh is watching over her and that she was brought back for a reason and not merely because the group had enough money to pay for a Resurrection.

Keely Rollen

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