Razael Xoil

Knowledge and power...


STR 11 DEX 18 CON 20 INT 32 WIS 12 CHA 12
HP 98 AC 25
FORT 14 REF 13 WILL 14

Languages: Abysall, Elven, Dwarven, Sylvan, Draconic, Celestial, Orc, Infernal, Demonic, Aquan, Ignan, Giant, Auran, Undercommon.


“What are you doing, Mikael! What has gotten into you?!”

I woke up from the loud thunder. My mind was still foggy from the long night of training. My father, Mikael, had taught me the correct way to tap into different planes to conjure monsters last night. The training was over the second that he was summoned by the High Wizard Council. He had never given me any details of his doings or of the council’s. I knew he was part of a secret circle of wizards, but I was completely ignorant of the mission behind this powerful organization.

My mind cleared, trained to act at a moment’s notice, I realized that it was not thunder that which I was hearing. It was the casting of a spell that my father was conjuring. My training was not yet to a point where I could identify the spell that he was casting, but it was enough to know which school it was from. Evocation? What is he trying to destroy?

“He is not your son, Lyvana, he… no.. it, it is no one’s son!!”

I woke up again. Was I dreaming? I could only smell the burnt wood. No, it was not wood. It was flesh. I saw two burnt bodies lying on the floor. My mother was inside a circle of glyphs that were still pulsating at a decaying rate. Read magic. Glyphs of protection… but unlike anything I had studied before. The other body was my father’s. The spell had apparently been cast, but the detonation happened several feet before its intended target….

“Time to wake up, Razael.”

I turned around to see Amman, the paladin which already owed me his life from more than one occasion. This was no random dream, I thought to myself. The memory of my mother protecting me from my father is one that haunts me every single night. I had never been close to my parents as the life of a wizard abstains you from pursuing such connections. It’s the reason behind this event that eludes my mind. I glanced at my black ring. The only connection remaining between me and my mother. It was the only thing that I kept from that morning. Oddly enough, the glyphs of the ring resembled the ones that I saw around the corpse of my mother, but I have never been able to decipher them.

“Right. Let’s go, everyone. This forest needs cleansing.”

Razael Xoil

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