Rollen Sisters

6 Sisters from the Temple of the Steel Current


Effy (Monk)
Keely (Barbarian)
Zia (Wolf Shaman)
Mags(Eldritch Knight)
Helia(Tatooed Sorcerer)


Effy.jpg Effy Rollen is the youngest sister of the Rollen sister. Hot headed and mischievous; her antics sometimes got her into trouble. But ultimately loving and caring of her family and friends. Sadly, Effy died while on a mission in the Guild of Helina.

Keely.jpg Keely Rollen, the second youngest. Most beautiful of the Rollen sisters. Also, a contender for the most strongest monk to come from The Temple of the Steel Current as of recent years. She’s kind and usually will try diplomacy over brutal force. But be warned, if all talks fail, they don’t called her the Beast of the Steel Current for no reason.

Zia.jpg Zia Rollen is the third youngest, however her journeys abroad has taken its toll on her. During her sojourn, she and her wolf, Heaven, were capture and sold into the slavery. During her time as a captive, her capture’s forced her to become dependent on drugs. She found her way to the sex pits of the Aeravel castle. Heaven was made to fight other animals in the animal fight pits. Through a series of events, she and Heaven were rescued by Maggy, her older Sister. Zia has stayed in the temple since her whole ordeal and hasn’t been the same since. Always on edge and untrusting of travelers and new faces. Heaven has become more aggressive as well since then.

Mags.jpg Maggy(Mags) was very insecure when she was younger. She studied in the arcane arts after her older sister Helia. But her arcane abilities were no where near as powerful as Helia’s was. Unsure of her place in the world and the temple but her journey would change all of that. Mags ended up traveling with a group of mercenaries called the Sons of Willfire. A group run by a fierce fighter by the name of Samuel L Broman. She reminded him of his late daughter and he took her under his wing. He trained her in the ways of using weapons. Over time, she became strong and her confidence grew after every mission they accomplished. But these men weren’t without darkness. Indeed, they were a lively bunch but they were also hardened men with dark pasts and some even darker habits. She was a part of their group and Samuel looked after her, but surely she knew some men in the group saw her differently and wanted nothing more than to have their way with her.

In fact, that’s the reason she left, after a few years of traveling with these men, a few plotted against her, this drew a line the group and ultimately caused a fight to happened within the group resulting in over half the men losing their lives either protecting her or wanting to rape her. Samuel lost his life in the fight, but not without taking down 10 men single handedly trying to protect her. this awoken in Mags the arcane power that had been dormant for her entire journey as she wiped out all of the remaining opposition with arcane spells along with her martial fighting abilities.

She journeyed home after that. Saddened after the loss of what was the only Father figure she had ever had. She left the remaining Sons of Willfire to the hands of Kramer Hill, Samuel’s second in command.

Mags has been confident in her abilities ever since. Arcane and Martial. She’s one of the most respected monks in temple and is often used to settle many disturbances in the surrounding villages. She is truly a finely tuned weapon.

Sireen.jpg Sireen, the eldest of the Rollen sisters. She’s kindhearted and wise in her ways. Most diplomatic, understanding and patient than her other sisters. She’s been a mother to her siblings and often mistaken as their mother when they were younger. She recently became a elder at the temple. The youngest elder to have ever been elected. Her new title has caused some controversy among the council and lower ranking monks. However, she received her new title gracefully and is doing her best to maintain and better the lives of those who choose to call the Temple of the Steel Current Home.

Rollen Sisters

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