a rouge who smells really nice


Race: human
AC: 21
HP: 49
Weapons: crossbow, daggers

Sangrai stands 5’10" tall, he has a crescent moon tattoo underneath his left eye. He will try to sell you his organic, vegan soaps at every opportunity. Although he is easily disgusted by foul smell and ugly-looking creatures, he seems to have a soft-spot for orcs and even speak their language.

During the thirty days rest, Sangrai finds out that Swath, Guild of Helina’s latest client, is actually his little brother in disguise.


Sangrai usually introduces himself as a son of a soap maker. He worked at the Red Palace for the royals and the riches. After finding out the fact that most people outside the palace walls don’t take baths, Sangrai decided to go on a journey to start his own soap business.

His business, sadly, didn’t go very well. The ship that he boarded got attacked by pirates and they took all of his supplies. He ended up wandering around the city, hungry and poor, before finally creating the Guild of Helina along with the rest of the group.

At first he was only doing his job as a rogue to survive and save up money to restart his business, but these days, he seemed to enjoy it more and more.

His actual hometown was called Renatum, a fishing village, located in a remote place. It had a sacred, perfectly circular lake in the center. There, every month, the people would hold a ceremony to praise the Moon God.

After the war, hunger and poverty hit their village. As The people lost their faith in the Moon God, the lake’s water slowly turned black and poisonous.

Sangrai was born two years after the war. When he was seven, he was chosen to be sacrificed for the lake ceremony, but his parents decided to swap him with his younger brother. Sangrai had no knowledge of this and simply thought that he was left in the forest because his parents were too poor to raise two children.

He was later found by a traveling soap maker, and was adopted.


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