Order of the Shark

- Secret Order inside the Temple of the Steel Current

- The elders are the only ones who know about this order, them and the members, and there are only 3 Inquisitors at any given time. The Inquisitors are called, Sharks.

- These Sharks are sworn to secrecy and their missions and objectives are highly classified. Sharks are skilled in tracking, interrogation, and discovering new threats toward the temple and eradicating that threat.

- These Sharks are chosen at a very carefully. Not everyone can be a Shark at the temple. These individuals must have no worldly attachments to people or to things. Most cases they are the only child or were abandoned.

- While monks and peace keepers are the face of the Temple, The Sharks are the shadow cast by the Temple. The ones who work in the shadows against even darker beings. They do the dirty work that no one else will. They are the eradicators of enemies of the temple and their deity and their work is only spoken about in whispers.


Order of the Shark

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